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Food For Thought? Definetly! Create Fun Artwork For Your Kitchen | Poppsee

Food has always has a large presence in artwork. From Baroque tablescapes to Cezanne's modern fruit bowls, to the famous Campbell's soup cans by Andy Warhol, many people find a comforting familiarity with food in artwork.

For me, there is something very sweet about cherries. I don't mean the flavor, I am talking about the throw back vibe that a cherry pattern evokes...and this design makes me happy. Probably because it takes me back to great old fabric designs I would find in little vintage shops in New England and the south

For this design we created a pattern with the cherries and added yellow polka dots for some summery color. Poppsee helps you create patterns with our pattern maker or you can place the images to make your own pattern. So what food would you use? Maybe some bright yellow lemons..or ice cream cones...or an avocado?

I can picture this design on a smaller canvas, leaning on a shelf next to some white bowls or as tea towels in a kitchen or... instead of in the kitchen, lets go the the beach with an adorable beach towel or tote bag. So much food and so many options. Let's see what you design.

Have a delicious weekend!

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