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Don't Forget Spaces Like Your Bathroom When Placing Artwork | Poppsee

Everyone wants a beautiful, relaxing bathroom...Lord knows we spend enough time there at the start and end of our days, right?

We make sure we have selected the right tile, fixtures, hardware and lighting...but what about some finishing touches....what about artwork?

If you are able to plan for it, a great ledge like this one, is perfect for displaying artwork (and resting a glass of wine during your bubble bath of course). If you don't have a ledge, hang a shelf and you can lean some artwork alongside a jar of cotton balls.

The art itself doesn't have to be expensive, rather, this is a perfect place for less expensive artwork. An unframed canvas works particularly well also.

Most of us have some space on the walls that we can hang a piece of artwork go ahead, there is no time like the present.

You can see more about this photo from My Domaine here:

Have a great weekend Everyone!

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