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Artwork Vignettes for a Small Space | Poppsee

I just love little vignettes. A perfect grouping of things you love that make you smile.

Lets say you have a great big wall that you want to create a gallery of art pieces on....if you only have one piece to start, it will look pretty lonely until you get more artwork. So instead of waiting to hang them all at once, show off what you have in a vignette! Or maybe you have already filled your walls with art but can't resist buying another piece that you love. A vignettes is a great way to not have to hang your artwork.

There are so many reasons for vignettes and we all have little pieces or artwork or photos that we love and want to display. Gather some trinkets and play around until you find just the right grouping. There is no right or wrong...just what you love.

I am not sure whose artwork/photo this is. I found it on Pinterest but the link didn't take me to the image owner. If you know who this is, we would love to give credit and let them know how beautiful the artwork is. This is where the link led to:

Have a great weekend everyone!

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