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A Simple Pattern Can Create Beautiful Artwork | Poppsee

We love this artwork for the way it lends itself to the calming blues of the space but stands on its own for a pop of pattern and texture.

The range of watercolor

inks from blue to gray to turquoise, is lovely to look at, and the uneven pattern adds a sort of texture that makes you want to reach out and touch it.

This is the sort of artwork that can work well in so many different homes. It can be representative of waves or pebbles, making it good for a coastal or lakefront home. It is abstract for a more modern home or calm enough to blend into a gallery wall of mixed styles. It can be added as a pop of color in a group or stand alone like it is here.

There are so many ways to look at one piece of art. How would you use this piece in your home?

Have a great Friday everyone and thanks to Real Simple for a great article on Emily Henderson's home which is where this piece hangs. You can see more here:

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