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Engaging Abstract Lines | Poppsee

Clean lines, white walls and a beautiful calming blue. This is a space that most of us can wrap our heads around.

We like this artwork because the lines that form these engaging pieces are simple in design but big in concept. The same pattern... but one done wide and horizontal, the other, thinner and vertical. What we love is that some of us see flat lines in a pattern, others see depth and movement, almost a long pathway.

This is what is so great about art! It means different things to different people. It is unique to each of us.

The artwork being displayed in a wide open space feels so relaxing and the choice of blue is a perfect balance with the darker tones of the wood finishes. We also love that the patterns in the pillows pick up on the abstract geometry and tie to the artwork as well as the round tables breaking up all of the straight lines in the artwork and the furniture.

We found this photo from McGee & Co. on Pinterest and feel this is a great photo to save to one of your favorite folders.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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