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How Light Honey Colored Wood Frames Warm up a Space | Poppsee

Here is the perfect example of how you can attain a balance of light and clean...and still be warm and inviting in the same space. A balance we all strive to accomplish.

This wonderful little corner has become a mini gallery. A space that calls for you to sit and admire the artwork....or just take a minute to put your shoes on.

Would these pieces of artwork have looked good with a white frame or a black frame? Yes, of course they would have...but they wouldn't be AS good as these warm honey color frames are.

You could call these the Goldilocks of frame choices. White frames would have been too washed out, and black frames would have created a more dramatic finish. These warm honey tones pick up on the floor color and the hints of amber colors in the artwork. They highlight the artwork in just the right way. The frames are...wait for it....just perfect.

Light, dark and medium tones all working together to balance the flow and feel of the this little corner of the home.

We found this photo on:

Unfortunately, we don't know who the talented designer or homeowner is to give credit to. If you know, please tell us so we can give credit and see more of their work!

Have a great weekend everyone!

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