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Mixing What You Love And Artwork | Poppsee

Talk about having fun in a space and adding a pop of color!!!!

This dining room may not be for everyone...but I am enamored with it. Why? because it reflects the homeowners style according to the Architectural Digest article.

It can be very hard to find things for your home that reflect who you are. This is @kyliejenner 's Dining room and was designed by the talented @martynbullard. The artwork was created by @damienhirst to reflect Kylie's love of butterflies and the pink chairs were customized by Martyn to reflect her line of lipstick colors.

I love the way the simple graphics of the butterfly and the heart come together in a mix of color combinations to create one of a kind artwork series. Then, the way those colors tie into the chairs, table and rug. Those chairs look butter soft and are sooo pretty. I would love to have dinner in one of those chairs, kick off my heels to feel the softness of the rug and admire the artwork.

Like I said, this may not be sort of dining room for everyone but it is perfectly Kylie... and that is what creating your own space is all about.

Have a happy and colorful weekend everyone! You can see the Architectural Digest article here:

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