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Creating Visual Texture | Poppsee

Yep, visual texture is a thing. We all love to run our hands over things that are textural, so it makes sense that we enjoy looking at texture as well. This little vignette is loaded with subtle textures we can all learn from.

Lets start with the star of this photo...the artwork of course! We love the imperfect pattern of black watercolor brushstrokes and the texture that the ink offers. Then, the small family photo inside a larger white frame creates a perfect pop against the patterned artwork. These two pieces of artwork work really well together.

Now that we have your attention with the artwork, notice the subtle textures surrounding them. The wood console has a wonderful herringbone pattern, the woven basket has a scratchy nub, the blanket is fuzzy and soft, the lamp has a fine horizontal ribbing and a linen shade, the glass vase is clear and smooth, the marble slab it sits on is heavy, solid and cool and the flowers....well they are loaded with texture!

So, the next time you are hanging...or leaning some artwork, think about how you can add more visual texture to the space. Once you opens your eyes to so many possibilities.

Thanks to the talented @scoutandnimble for this photo from Instagram.

Thanks and Have a fun weekend!

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