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Using Artwork to Style Your Kitchen Shelves | Poppsee

More and more we see open shelving in kitchens. Many of us choose shelving to visually break up the line of upper cabinets, or we want a more open, casual feel to the space.

The shelves are usually an area for your go to items that you use every day and want easy access to, like cups, glasses, bowls and a few small plates.

This doesn't mean you have to put everything out, think through it and edit down to your favorites.

You may have some small artwork that didn't make the cut for an art wall somewhere else or you can find some cute artwork at your favorite little shops. Anyway....just lean them at the back of the shelf and create beautiful vignettes.

Frame your favorite quote or a fun photo of the family. Getting a bold pop of color can also be a great way to bring in color in a more neutral kitchen without a permanent obligation. It is also fun to change the art out seasonally.

I hope we gave you a few fun ideas! Let us know what your kitchen shelves look like with your artwork. Thanks to @Decoholic_blog for the photo. You can see more here:

Have a happy Weekend!

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