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How The Lines of The Space Around You Can Help Highlight Your Artwork | Poppsee

There is a sense of calm in this space and that is why we like it so much. The light fabric and walls are soothing and the clean lines of the tables, the chairs and the artwork all pull together to create a cohesiveness that settles us.

We are not sure why the homeowner or designer hung the grid of 6 pieces of artwork lower than the larger black and white piece. It doesn't line up to anything....but it works really well.... and we love it (learning new things). Hanging the series of 6 a bit lower differentiates the artwork and helps soften the space.

As you look at the last frame at the bottom, your eye continues to the right to follow the top of the console, creating a nice flow in this very linear space.

The black lines from the area rug and the square black accessory box tie into the vertical Black painted line and the skinny black frame of the large artwork. Which, By the way, adds the perfect amount of visual weight to the airiness of this room

The continuity of lines throughout this space is well thought out....even down to the few round accessories that let us know that they were placing things with purpose.

Thanks to @beckiowens where we found this image in her blog :

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