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Grouping Artwork by Subject; Abstract Figure Drawings | Poppsee

Another Friday to show you all some great artwork. We found this photo in the Instagram feed of youngfrankk back from 2016.

We like this because it is such a simple but perfect collection and the space has a cool vibe to top it off.

The casual way the artwork is leaning against the wall is really great. It is a change from the usual wall hung pieces and gives a unique perspective from a seated position.

The three distinct styles pull together nicely. The single line drawing that leaves a large amount of white space, the block figures in black that have equal parts light and dark. The smaller piece with the group of figures keeps you interested in the smaller details. All 3 are stylistically different but compliment each other and form a cohesive grouping.

The same frame for all 3 pieces doesn't distract from the artwork and creates the finishing touch that holds the group together.

Do you have some figure drawings that you love? How did you frame and display them? Let us know?

You can see this image at:

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