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Making a Corner of Your Home Uniquely You, With Artwork | Poppsee

Browsing through Instagram yesterday, I found this great post by #Lorriecos. I fell in love with the way she has styled her space and how it speaks volumes about what she is interested in.

Obviously, there is a lot of record collecting in this home. The problem with collections is that sometimes it is hard to display the items in a way that compliments a space.

Here, the records are grouped in a tiddy cubby unit keeping them all together, organized and easy to access.

Now, what makes this so great is the artwork they have added above the cubby. The abstract record as the centerpiece is fantastic. It is modern and declares that the space is music central for the home.

The other framed records and album covers add to the theme and maybe the travel photos where from when they attended a concert?

The speakers and turntable tell us that the space is probably used and it isn't just for show. All this photo is missing is a set of headphones resting on the stool. I can easily see myself laying on the floor on the cozy rug and getting lost in great music....or even dancing around like nobody is watching.

How is your collection displayed and can you add artwork to make it even better? We would love to know. If you would like to see more from #Lorriecos, click here:

Happy Friday everyone!

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