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Adding Black to a Feminine Art Wall Can be a Good Thing | Poppsee

You have to admit, this would be a nice space to do a little work, check your emails or browse your favorite Social Media sites.

A sunny little corner space, uncluttered and inviting. Check...check, and...check.

We like this space because it has a feminine flair but it doesn't come off as too much with all the pink.

Every piece of artwork has pink in it, and you would think that would be too much but the black accents throughout the grouping of artwork really balance the space. The black also ties into the desk base creating a nice flow and anchor.

While the pink balloon animal at the top left may be a soft muted subject, the black background really makes the rabbit pop. The frame is more of a distressed finish which softens the impact. If the frame had been solid black this piece as a whole would have been too heavy with the grouping.

The dark green, almost black foliage in the photos creates nice depth and the gray background with black framed orange floral balances the the weight of the pink balloon animal piece.

Last, the small little Rhino piece at the bottom right has a lovely thin black frame that defines the edge of the artwork. If it had been a white or light frame, it would have disappeared under the already light piece above it.

Black can be soft and subtle when you need it to be. It just takes a little playing around with things and finding the right balance.

To see more of this space, go to: @designlovefest

Have a great weekend everyone!

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