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Mixing Patterns with Art & Accessories | Poppsee

Happy Friday Everyone! This weeks Art Tip is about the confidence to mix pattern on pattern within the same space in your home.

We selected this weeks photo because of the fun bold choices that were taken in this space.

So how do you pull this sort of look off? Here are a few tips: Notice that the black and white is a consistent theme that keeps your eye flowing from the floor up to the walls. So, carry a color throughout when you give it a try. The dark solid navy sofa is a fabulous anchor and pop of color. You can choose whatever color to love, the darker the color the more visual weight it will offer. The coffee table also gives your eye a place to rest but does not cover the pattern rug, so think about something with legs. The chairs are great vintage pieces that are neutral and keep the focus on the patterns.

For the artwork, note the mix of frame color and finishes but the style and scale are all consistent, which keeps a cohesive look. No artwork is overly ornate but each hold their own in the mix. This is easy to add your own vibe and customize your own look and style.

There are lots of patterns and brushstrokes going on here but there is a continuity to alongside everything. You just have to take a good look and see how you can also create a stylish space just like this.

More on the designer here:

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