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How to Personalize Your Home Workspace with Art | Poppsee

Happy Friday! This week’s art tip is about personalizing your home workspace with art.

We love this work nook because it’s totally attainable for most people. Not everyone has an extra room for an office, but most of us can carve out a little workspace somewhere in our home.

The wood wall gives this space a cozy vibe while staying on trend. It also makes a great backdrop for artwork. The family portrait created by one of the kids and the photo of the family make this nook an all ages space. The sconces add a fun pop of color, and they’re great for task lighting. They look great against the wood wall, and they draw your eye up the whole space. The different types of artwork combined with the cross add texture to the space. Even better, they make the space personalized to the homeowner’s family.

Think about your own home workspace. Do you personalize it with art, family photos, or other fun pieces? Let us know in the comments.

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