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How Art and the Space Around it Can Affect Your Mood | Poppsee

Happy Friday! It's time for another art tip.

It's amazing how art and the space around it can affect your mood. We are drawn to the dark and mysterious aura of these ink portraits. When we first saw this room, we got melancholy vibes from it. But remember, our perspectives can change quickly with our moods.

We look at this space now and see how clean and crisp it is! The pop of the white mats against the negative space created by the black painted wall is exciting. The ink images draw us in and hold our focus. The graphic white text extends into our view and reminds us to look at the other items on the shelves. We could also tweak aspects of the room to change its mood. Switching out the shadowy images of people to something more graphic would give the space an entirely different vibe.

What mood does this space put you in?

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