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How to Use Pattern, Texture, and Artwork in Your Space | Poppsee

TGIF! Let's kick off the weekend with another Friday Art Tip. By using pattern and texture, you can create visual interest in your space. Then, you can tie it all together with artwork!

In this space, the palm fronds create a natural vibe that works well with the woven area rug. The black marks on the rug complement the black pattern on the side table. We love the details here, like how the woven stitching on the handles of the side table match the rug. Even though this space uses a neutral color palette, the blend of pattern, texture, and art makes it exciting to look at!

Art can stand alone as a statement, or you can choose art that ties into your space. You could buy a new piece specifically for your space, but you don’t have to! When you’re looking for a place to put your artwork, look at its surroundings. You can tie art into a space by choosing textures that complement each other or creating a theme with the same subject matter. Think about how different colors and patterns would look together.

Here’s a tip: don’t get too matchy matchy. TBH, we’d take the real palm frond out of this space because it’s trying a little too hard. Maybe try a fiddle leaf fig tree instead?

What do you think would look good in this space? Let us know in the comments.

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