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How to Use Shelves to Display Art That Represents You | Inner Artist | Friday Art Tips #7

TGIF! Today's art tip is about using shelves to display art that represents you. We love that art can tell a story. Your home gives you the perfect opportunity to put your personality on display.

The art in this space brings the room to life. When we look at this room, we can tell that the homeowner has an eclectic style and a love of color. The balance of modern pieces with older collectible images is awesome. The quotes show us the homeowner's sense of humor, and the center shelf is giving off serious beach vibes. The vintage sofa and kilim-inspired ottoman add to the comfortable room. We can't help but think about the fun times and lively conversations that likely happened in this space.

Shelves make it easy to display artwork, and they let you rearrange your pieces on a whim without damaging the wall. You can use framed artwork, upright books, canvas pieces, and even small accessories if you want to add more dimension to your space.

Do you have an eclectic room with great art in your home? Tell us about it in the comments.

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