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Think Outside the Box: How to Use Nontraditional Art in Your Space | Poppsee

Happy Friday! Our tip for this week is about different kinds of art you can use in your space.

Art can be anything you want it to be. Not all art is paint on a canvas. It can come in any shape or form. When you choose art for your space, it can be fun to think outside the box!

We think the circular baskets on this wall are awesome. The round designs inside the baskets complement the linear brick wall perfectly. The neutral color palette allows the texture of the baskets to stand out. The dimensional art makes this space a visual treat!

If you don’t have a lot of artwork, think about items like these baskets that you can group together on one of your walls. If you already have a lot of art on your walls, something like this could be a nice change of pace.

Have you used nontraditional art in your space? We’d love to know!

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