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Learning to Be Grateful | Poppsee

When I started thinking about what I was going to write for this post the other day I thought about our upcoming launch and all of the hard work and wonderful people that I collaborate with to help this all come about. Art and interior design make me happy and being able to bring those two things together into our new platform of Poppsee has been hard work, stressful, not enough sleep, starting and stopping and many steps back before moving forward. I wanted to talk about how all of this hard work has made me happy, and ask you what work or difficult things have made you happy. That is what I wanted to talk about.

Then I saw this Ted Talk video with David Steindl-Rast.

I realized that with all the happiness that I am feeling right now, have I stopped to be grateful?

I listened to David speak and thought back to all of the moments that brought me to where I am now. All of the opportunities that presented themselves. I admit, I am always looking and listening for opportunities to do better, to be better, to get help, and hopefully, to help others. And I also admit that I think that I work hard for those opportunities and I have earned what has come from them. But looking at being grateful, really grateful, for those opportunities changes my perspective.

Everyone's opportunities are different and missing one or grabbing another can change your path. So, I am taking a moment to be grateful for the people and opportunities that have come into my life and presented themselves, and to be grateful for the ones that I have missed or maybe learned the hard way from because maybe they would have taken me down a different path. Would that path be better? Who knows. What I do know is that what I have here and now is what I am grateful for. And that, brings me happiness.

So to every opportunity that has been presented in order to bring Popsee to life, I am grateful. And for all of the future opportunities to serve, help and hopefully meet you. The community of the Poppsee users, I am grateful.

I hope this video is useful to many of you and I would love to hear from you if it is.

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