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Creating Vignettes to Showcase Art | Poppsee

We all love a beautifully put together space that brings the things you love all into the same neatly decorated corner. It's a great way to show off what you're proud of most and center the eye to where you want it to go.

You can make spaces like these yourself and we're going to help you along the way! Gather all of your favorite books, accessories, flowers, and pieces of art to create your own personal vignette.

Overall, this vignette has a very clean look with depth and dimension. The combination of the small bud vase with soft pink flowers to tie into the color of the lamp and the floral fabric is perfect.

The books here serve two purposes: one, to raise the artwork and two, to add another layer of visual interest. Not only does the small tray offer a great place for jewelry and watches at night, but it can also hold small accessories for another option to show off things you love.


Here we look at a unique vignette with fun colors and accessories! The feather wall decor adds an element of fun and spunk to the look.

Paired with small pieces of art to match, the credenza gains depth from the leaning frames. To top off the look, a tall and lean plant like the one in the picture is a great way to add height and a natural color pop to the space.


The look of this vignette looks very natural and flowing to the eye. The large scale black and white art blends perfectly with the bold blue of the dresser it sits on. And combined with a metallic lamp and bright fuchsia colored flowers, each of the colors in the space pops to its fullest expression. There's so much to look at here it keeps your eye bouncing from one piece to another.


This vignette has a very clean look. The natural wood tones in the chair are repeated in the wooden box below the art and the ottoman under the table. All of the natural tones in the space really bring the whole look together. Using neutral colors in the lamps, walls, and acrylic table means the space is being filled, but not dominated which lets the art on the wall be the center of the room.


This vignette screams fun and funky! The honey velvet bench seat, the pink flowers, and all of the other fun accessories work to complement the artwork. All of the small pieces are tying back to the large scale art, which can sometimes be too 'matchy matchy', but here, it seems to work!


Who doesn't love a little animal print? A bold choice, so not everyone is brave enough to use it, but it is so worth the risk. The pattern on pattern in the artwork, the cheetah chair and the spiked accessory ball are all bold enough to stand on their own, but together create a sophisticated vignette.

The most important thing to remember when building your vignette is to make it your own! Be brave in your choices and when you combine all of the things you love and your artwork, you'll see how well they all look together. Try out different items and placements until you find a look that's just right.


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