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Displaying Art on Bookcases | Poppsee

Have you been running out of space to hang your artwork at home? Or maybe you're looking for a new way to display the art you've had up for years?

Well you're in luck! Here are a few ways to hang your pieces in a brand new way. You've got a collection of great reads that you love to show off and some room on the shelf, so combine both for a solution!

Let's dive in for inspiration.


Stay away from the norm and try hanging art on the front of the bookcase! This is a great option because it draws the eye to the art immediately.


Art can also be a way to add pops of color to spaces that are more neutral in color.


If your book collection is sparse, no worries! Fill the spaces with other decor and take up a few spots with art. Filling the back of bookcases with art is a great way to visually fill the space and draw your eye without too much clutter.


Use smaller pieces of art to rest on the inside of the shelves. As easy to change in and out as your mood, this is a great way to quickly switch up your look on a regular basis.


Use your dark bookcases to make your art stand out. The rich colors and lighting help highlight the art and set the mood for a perfect evening.


And finally, we love this look! The mix of frames, colors, and sizes create a unique look. The art adds layers and colors to the bookcase, giving it an extra dimension. There are no rules here, continue to add as many pieces as you like!


If you're looking for more art to hang in your spaces, take a look at and join the community below to sign up for the latest updates and news on our launch.

In the mean time, show us what your bookcases look like or let us in on your own unique places to hang art!

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