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Color Balance | Poppsee

There's a delicate balance between decorating with light and dark, and we're going to help you find your own with a little inspiration!


Starting with this great modern room, the pairing of the large-scaled dark artwork balances beautifully with the light floors an picks up the tones of the woods and metal in the furniture. And because the artwork is in a series, it doesn't feel so large and heavy.

The art pieces are created with a simple series of lines, yet are important to the visual direction of the room. The visual interest of the art and the warm wood directly underneath it create the perfect balance between light and dark.


This room has balance down to a science. The hardwood floors and white trimming pair incredibly well with the black wall and ceiling. The artwork on the wall draws in the eye to the center of the room because of it's white background but doesn't overwhelm the room. Choosing one accent color to pair the neutrals with makes the room warm and grounded.

[ss] This room is a great balance of light and dark. The white walls lift you while the weight of the darker floors and navy console keep you grounded. The fun artwork is so simple and the black and white pattern of dots lifts your gaze upwards making good use of the vertical space.


This space is a busy balance of awesome. Using white matted photography on the heavy black painted wall makes the wall feel lighter and having the rug in similar colors bring the balance to the floor. Pairing this balance with the warmth of toffee colored leather chairs gives the look the richness it needs while giving you a place to visually (and literally) rest!

Altogether this room creates a chic look like no other.


Show us how you decorate your home and what kind of balance is perfect for your rooms!

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