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First-Timers & How to Start | Poppsee

Earlier this week we spoke to Casey in an artist spotlight and she had some great tips to encourage people to start creating art of their own.

We know sometimes it's easier said than done, but with Casey's wisdom and some inspiration of your own, we can walk you through the process from beginning to end.

Let's dissect an art piece of Casey's together.

The first part of the design we will look at is the bottom corner. The key here is to start small! Creating a full design starts with the first brushstroke.

Start by choosing a couple of colors that you like. Then, think of a shape in your head, and put it to canvas. This piece starts with an abstract shape looking similar to an egg.

Keep going from there and tie in more colors! Repeat the first shape or think of a new one. You can make the shape smaller, bigger, or just the same to continue the design.

Layer your design with more colors and abstract shapes. Add dots, squiggles, lines, and any other design aspect to fill out your piece.

And fill in the negative spaces...or not.... to finish it off.

And, voilà! The final product. In this piece, Casey chose to use many layers and fill all of the space with lots of visual interest.

Art doesn't always have to be intricate and complex. It can be a combination of a few shapes and colors you love that come together to create a beautiful design! Make it fun, different, and totally you.

Anyone can be an artist, and with a platform as easy to use as ours, everyone should be. You can find these and many more individual pieces of art that you can put together to create your own artwork.


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