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Superhero Artwork for Kids | Poppsee

The imaginations of children run rampant with ideas of superheroes, villains, and the ultimate battles they have – and it's not all from the movie screen. The creation of those original heroes can come from anywhere and the vendettas they settle can happen everywhere, even on a trip to the grocery store.

You can give your child an opportunity to turn their daydreams into art pieces. They can turn the heroes of their favorite stories into themselves, their friends, parents, or even their pets.

With Poppsee, creating a hero of their own a great way to let children express their creativity in a mess-free outlet and positive way. Positive self portraits can help develop their sense of self and their overall self esteem. The benefits go on and on, so without further ado, here are some ways Poppsee can help bring transfer their imaginative thoughts to paper:

Can I Have Every Power?

Two kids boy and girl with capes lightning bolt fire flame

Kids can create powers or recycle the classics when designing their original hero. But don't assume so quickly, that lightning bolt on the girl's cape is actually to charge things at a supersonic speed – a dead iPhone is no match for her. Or maybe it's for being lightning fast, electrical powers, or being a lightning goddess. Maybe it's all 4? The sky is the limit.

All About the Costumes

rainbow girl superhero with stars and pink boots

Kids can draw themselves in their favorite outfit for a completely personal look. If they have a pair of pink boots they just can go anywhere without then we want to see them in all of their superhero glory.

No Wrong Look

silly superhero graphic up up and away

Make it silly! There are no uniforms in creative art. If your daughter or son thinks it's important that they wear underwear and a helmet to fight crime and villains, then help them pick the color of the helmet.

Don't Forget Snowball

superhero cat cute kids graphic

Or give your family pet some time to shine, they deserve some credit too after all. Snowball the Cat is an evil-fighting feline that stands for justice, equality, and treats before dinner. That's a hero we can get behind.

And if there's anyone that can find the superhero in us all, it's kids.


Don't forget to join our community below and give us a follow and like on socials to keep the art coming. If you have kids, encourage them to think about what they would look like with superpowers and have them draw their best ideas! Check for updates on our official launch so your kids can make easy, mess-free, superhero art to customize their walls.

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