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Easy Creativity For Your Kids That's Mom Approved | Poppsee

Mess-Free Art

With Poppsee your kids can create mess-free art that inspires them! From bean bag chair covers, rugs for their rooms, shower curtains, and mugs... the sky's the limit.

Poppsee is easy enough for kids to create mess-free art for themselves, being able to personalize their room with their own art prints or bedding...or more! Nowadays, most kids surpass my computer skills, and even though they may need a little guidance at first on how to use the Poppsee website, it’s easy to get the hang of. To make it even easier, there will be video tutorials on how to use the Poppsee website, as well as description pop-ups on all of the tools. Today I’m excited to share how easy our newly designed website (launching very soon) is for kids and all the exciting things they can create!

What’s great about Poppsee is that kids can play all day without a cost. You only pay when you purchase your favorite artwork to be printed on one of our many products, like pillows, posters, rugs, comforters, stickers and more! Kids will love that they can play around with thousands of images and create anything they want. Change them, create them over again, save them, the sky's the limit! They can do this on their own and be independent, which kids will appreciate as they create mess-free art that inspires them uniquely.

Crazy Lion

We regularly promote Poppsee as a little more for adults, where you can customize things for your home, but we have quite a few products for kids too! Some fun products I think kids will love designing their artwork for, are, bean bag chair covers, artwork printed on acrylic, rugs for their rooms, shower curtains and mugs. They can now fully be a part of personalizing their space.

make-a-wish jar

Because everything is created online and we do all the messy stuff, all you have to worry about is engaging with fun tools that will help your kids express their unique self, and they too can join our creative community!

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