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The Ins And Outs Of Using A Picture Ledge | Poppsee

A picture ledge offers you different ways to hang artwork in your home! Today I’m sharing the ins and outs you need to know about using a picture ledge.

A picture ledge is a great idea because framed art isn’t the only thing that they hold. They hold block frames that stand free, accessories, plates, small plants, baskets and a multitude of objects. They let you create a curated collection of art and objects. But, to use them well, you need to know the ins and outs of a picture ledge and why you should add one in your home.

It is always nice to break up the way you display your artwork. If you have lots of walls filled with art, try something different. Using a picture ledge in your home is an excellent way to display lots of smaller pieces of art in a group. It also gives you the option to move things around as your collection changes.

Top Three Places To Add A Picture Ledge:

  • One good place is the bathroom. It allows for artwork and necessary items to be held like soaps, towels, candles, and items that can create a beautiful mood vignette.

  • Another space that works well is a butler's pantry, bar area or space in your kitchen that is away from the splatter of cooking, it is unexpected but always nice to see.

  • Last would be any open space you have. There aren’t too many spaces where these wouldn’t work, although it can be a less formal look so I would stick to informal areas in your home.

The color of the picture ledge depends on the space. Using a color closer to the wall color will let the art stand out a bit more. If you want a bit of contrast, then go for the opposite color. The stained wood ledges add a more natural tone, but can vary from rustic to modern. Choose one that complements your decor style.

Here are a few do’s and don'ts to a picture ledge:

  • Do overlap the artwork and vary the sizes.

  • Do add in small accessories for more interest.

  • Don’t overdo it.

  • Don't make it so cluttered you don’t know where to look.

TIP: Edit the space like a gallery would so all pieces can be enjoyed.

Since art comes in many forms and sizes the great thing about a picture ledge is that they can hold various sized items. Display an excellent book collection, record album covers or a stamp collection; the sky's the limit to what you can add. Picture ledges are not just for adults, don’t forget the kids. Ledges can start with their books and toys and then grow with them to hold their artwork! With Inner Artist, your children can create their artwork to add to their picture ledge!

At Poppsee, we love all things art, and displaying art can come in so many forms. I hope you learned a few new ways to display your artwork through this blog. Make sure you visit us to check on how you can create your own art and check on the progress of our website!

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