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Why You Should Have Large Scale Artwork In Your Home | Poppsee

Figuring out what to hang on a large, blank wall can be daunting. I’m showing you some great examples of large scale artwork, why they work, and I hope to inspire you to add a large scale piece in your space.

Quotes, lyrics, and sayings are a great addition for a large scale artwork piece. You can add your favorite quote or poem to make you feel at ease every time you see it or to give you some inspiration. This particular large scale artwork piece works well against the bold stripes because it is very simple and the background gives your eyes a place to rest. For bold stripes, you wouldn’t want a group of small art here; it would be too busy.

The large scale frames and mats work well because the hallway is so long. If the artwork were to be framed smaller, you would loose the impact in the space. The white frame and mat help keep a serene, almost gallery-type feel and don’t detract from the beautiful woodwork.

This large scale artwork is a perfect example of balance. If you have a grouping like the one above, you want the wall next to it to have a single piece of artwork to fill the space as not to compete with each other. It fills the entire wall yet is not distracting. Like I said...perfect balance is key.

The fabulous pop of orange draws your eye directly down the hallway and demands to be seen. The use of color and scale are perfect in this neutral hallway. A smaller piece of art over a credenza or a grouping would not make the same statement.

The idea of creating larger scale artwork from simple images is fantastic. It’s bold and playful, fresh and creative, and can work in so many different spaces with stacking.

Who doesn’t love a tropical print? It almost takes us away on a visual vacation! Making a tropical print large-scale fills the space with a clean breeze. The neutral surrounding area helps this artwork pop.

Soon, with Poppsee, you can create large scale artwork designed by yourself! Check us out here; it’s as easy as click and drag!

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