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The Power Of The Color Pink In Your Home | Poppsee

Have you had the itch to use pink decor in your home but worried it’s a little too feminine? I am sharing a few tips and inspirations on how you can have fun when adding pink, without the men in your home minding one little bit.

Most people would say that the color pink could only be used in a house full of women, or in a girl’s room. But did you know, the color pink was a boy’s color until the early 1900's? It was marketing that pushed us to think that pink is solely feminine. So, if you have men in your family and want to incorporate pink in your home, break the rules (that don't really exist) and give pink a try!

Everyone looks good in or surrounded by pink (other than large amounts of bubble gum pink which is just too much). Using pink decor in moderation, like a pink throw pillow or a bit of pink in the pattern of a pillow or rug won’t feel like it’s too much or too girly. A single pink chair with a neutral colored pillow can be a really fun pop in a room.

My favorite shades of pink that work year round are:

Rose blush. This color is a soft, muted warm pink that goes beautifully with golds and warm tones.

Benjamin Moore Gypsy pink. This color is a pop of bold, dark pink that makes for beautiful pillows or furniture or accents.

Coral Gables. If you aren’t a pinky pink person, coral is a great option and goes well with so many other colors.

The amount of pink you add in your home strictly depends on your style and taste.

I’m personally not a fan of strong pink colors all over. If you are going to paint an entire room pink, make it a soft pink, one of the colors that I mentioned above would work well. If you want to add lots of different pinks to one space, make sure they are all of the same hue, which means on the same page of the paint deck, so they don’t clash.

Now you’re probably wondering, “How can I do pink well in my home or space?” Well, here are a few of my tips for using pink in your decor.

Pink Decor

I recently wrote a blog on how art doesn’t have to match your furniture. The image above is a perfect example of how they don’t have to match; you just have to love fun bright colors, but they should compliment each other. I love the pink artwork with the orange sofa. The colors complement each other well and are the same tone. The furniture and accessories help make the pink work really well in the space.

The books on the coffee table are great accessories which is also another way to pull in color if you choose to do so. The pink of the flowers, the fun yellow shade on the lamp and the patterned pillows keep your eyes moving and searching for little surprises but still feeling cozy and comfortable.

Pink Decor

This great pink wall is so wonderful! It serves as a backdrop for the large scale art and brings the room in a bit to feel cozier. All the different pinks and reds in the fabrics tie together too, creating a visual interest that makes me want to hang out and visit.


Pink Decor

This fun artwork with pink leaves in the tree, ties into the fabulous dark pink, almost raspberry, retro chair and ottoman. The space has a lot going on, but it still feels light and airy. The color is an excellent choice, and I have no idea if the homeowner is a male or female which is even better! A gender neutral pink? Perfect.

Pink Decor

A pink mat board with artwork isn't seen very often, but it certainly works well here. Since the art is black and white, the pink mat board color ties in nicely and pulls in the bedspread while the orange and blue in the pillows tone down the overall pink. The soft pink walls are so light that you almost don’t notice the color. These walls make this sweet room a place I would love to stay in.

Pink Decor

Pink furniture is definitely for a pink lover! It has a decidedly more feminine feel, so I like that they kept the walls white and the art to richer colors to keep a balance.

Pink Decor

There is just a touch of pink here, no real commitment, so it is a good summer change out. The beautiful artwork enables the homeowner to use so many different colors as accents in the space year round and is a win-win.

I hope I have inspired you to add splashes of pink decor throughout your home or favorite space. Adding pink is for everyone, and when done well it can be a fun pop of color in any room! Soon, with Poppsee, you can add pink into your home by customizing home accessories. Whether it’s the dish towel in your kitchen or the shower curtain in your bathroom you can customize even the smallest items in your home, to really make the space your own. Click here to join our community.

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