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Artwork for the traveler can bring a sense of memorabilia to your home. You’re surrounded by the places you have visited or want to visit. Today I’m sharing a few inspirations and ideas of artwork for the seasoned and aspiring traveler.

Who doesn’t love to travel? Experiencing new cities, tasting new food and being surrounded by a different culture does enhance our view on life. If you enjoy traveling as much as I do, then you probably would love to be surrounded by artwork for the traveler.

Artwork for the traveler can mean many things. It can be photos that a person has taken on a vacation, a painting, or a memento they purchased while on vacation. It can also be any image, whether it be a photo or painting that they dream of visiting one day. You don’t have to have traveled to a location to appreciate it.

Artwork In Orlando

Sacramento Street

Too much is not always a good thing. Limit the amount of travel-related artwork to maybe one or two locations for walls. Then you can also add a photo on a side table or bookshelf in other spaces.

Artwork In Orlando

Coco And James Home

Artwork In Orlando


You can mix travel and non-travel related pieces well if you keep something in common between the artwork. Maybe all the art has a similar color, tone or they are all framed the same way. You can also add simple abstract artwork that is neutral, like a color block or watercolor. You can even mix food artwork with the travel artwork depending on the context. For example: If you have a summer travel wall, watermelon or ice cream artwork could be fun. If you went to Paris, maybe some cheese or wine or a beautiful baguette can be mixed with the artwork of Paris. Unless they somehow tie the images together, I would stay away from mixing subject matter if the theme is travel.

Artwork In Orlando

Haus Love

Artwork In Orlando

Molge Decor

If you don’t know where to place your travel artwork, here's where to start. For a more single dramatic and stylized piece of artwork, I would have that in the entryway, living room or dining room. For a grouping, I would place them in the family room. Playful groupings would be in the kitchen, bathroom or laundry. Anything can go for the hallways!

Artwork In Orlando

Print A Bold

Travel inspired artwork can be anything. It can be a photo you took or a framed map of where you were. It can be a painting done by a local or a painting done by someone in your hometown (like here in Orlando) of something that reminds you of a place you traveled. You can even showcase tickets to a show you went to while on vacation or the label from a bottle of wine you drank. A quote about a city or how travel makes you feel is always a great idea, and these different types of artwork can be awesome. There are endless possibilities.

Artwork In Orlando

The Every Girl

Now that you know the ins and outs of proper travel inspired artwork, you can go ahead and decorate your home with the places you love.

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