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The Artwork In Your Home Doesn't Always Have To Match | Poppsee

The artwork in your home doesn’t necessarily have to match the space you are decorating. There are other ways in which it can complement a space. Today I am sharing ways you can find a piece of artwork that will work with your home.

The artwork in your home never HAS to match your furniture or decor. We need to buy art because it speaks to us. That art can be a sedate piece that is soothing and neutral or it can be bold and colorful and not have any colors that “match” your decor. Trust me, there are times that you will be surprised because you will always find a place in your home for the artwork you love, regardless if it matches or not.

Artwork can complement a space in a few ways. It can have a bit of color that compliments a piece of fabric or accessory in that space. For Example: Let's say you have a green chair, the art may have a touch of green in it. I never go full on a match, it always looks like you tried too hard.

The subject matter of the the artwork in your home can also relate to a hobby or lifestyle of the art owner. For example, someone that likes to travel may have photographs of places they have been or want to go..or maybe the artwork is of suitcases or maps, etc.

If the art has no obvious tie to the space, you can also make sure the frame complements the furniture. For Example: If you have medium stain wood on your furniture, use a medium stain for the frame. If you have more contemporary furniture, make sure the frames are clean lines.

If you struggle with wanting to always match, here are three tips on how to successfully not

Go With Your Gut

You will know what you like and what you don’t. Most people will tend to find pieces that work with what they have anyway. Your aesthetic usually crosses back and forth between decor and art and they are more similar than you realize.

Consider The Colors

Whether you are looking for one piece of art or a wall of artwork, make sure that you have less than 25% of the main colors of your decor in the artwork. If not it will look like you tried too hard to match and then the art looks inauthentic and too staged.

Making sure your tones work together is a good thing to remember. All colors have a warm or cool tone to them. For Example, white furniture with a cool tone (a more pure white) goes well with almost all art color palettes. Try not to have creamy beige's though, it will make the art look dingy or old. For Example: if you have a warmer white/beige or creamy furniture, warmer, tones work better. You can also look at a color chart to see the difference in the shades and tone.

Consider The Options

Make sure to consider and take a look at the different types of art not just what you first see. Browse through ones that you probably wouldn't consider and think of ways that specific art piece can fit in your home. Look at the art that isn’t your style and try to gain a new perspective. Trust me, you will begin to change when you begin to look at things differently.

With all spaces and all the artwork in your home, there are no rules, just maybe some guidelines. Remember when purchasing art to go with your gut, consider the colors, and consider the options. Have fun with this!

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