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Action Beats Perfection | Poppsee

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The other day I nervously put the first official posts on both Facebook and Instagram for my new company, Poppsee ( woo hoo...yay for me! So what is the big deal about that? The big deal is because it has taken me 3 years to do that!

My Interior Design business had grown organically. I never advertised, did Social Media or even had a website. I only had great clients that spread the word and kept me busier than I could handle sometimes. So, starting a Social Media campaign for my new company from scratch and putting myself out there was bound to cause anxiety. I give all of you Social Media guru's out there sooo much credit! So if I was going to do it, I would read and research...... and procrastinate.

I look at all the beautiful websites and interesting blogs out there and I say " I want to create something like that". I want my words and my website to be awesome....because isn't that what everyone wants? Beautiful perfection...?

I do....and I didn't realize that while it is a lofty goal, it is also holding me back.

Those websites and bloggers weren't perfect when they started. They have been around for years. They slowly built up to where they are now. Learning from mistakes, growing and changing with feedback from their clients and users. Staying on trend and on topic.

I have recently taken on advisers to guide me because the one thing I do know that I don't know everything. What is the first thing that they tried to get me to do? Act! DO Something! Anything! Start with a blog and build my community! Reach out! I was prepping and making lists and talking about what I needed to do but I wasn't doing them. Why? I am pretty sure it is because I am afraid. Afraid of not doing things perfectly. I was thinking if things weren't perfect...then people wouldn't be interested.

Well, it turns out I was wrong. I wrote a few blogs and then I warily posted one (and they are by far! not perfect!...but I will get better with time). I tested the water. And what happened? People commented, followed and let me know that they were behind me. Hey! What do you know...the world didn't implode.

My reaction was like when you go on a roller coaster. Terrified of doing it. Thinking you are doing something stupid. That this is something you aren't prepared for. And in the end you say; "Wow, that was fun...I think I'll do it again".

As I checked on the reaction to my posts, I see a different post from another person and there is an image of a post it on a computer and it says... " Action beats Perfection". I laugh and think how true.. and it took a blue "post it" to realize what my advisers have been telling me all along.

I should know better since as an interior designer, I see people all the time that struggle to move forward with their homes because they are always looking for the perfect item and then doubt their choices because something else may come along that is better and more perfect. Making it hard to move forward

The trick is doing things bit by bit, at a comfortable pace. Tweaking as you go along and seeing how things work together. We are always striving to improve because things are always changing; putting perfection just far enough ahead that we have to chase it.

So perfection is off the table for now. I just need to get my shit done!

Been there? Done that? Any advice or stories to share?

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